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This information that you have provided will only be used for this particular communication and will not be used for any other purpose.


The company PETROS KLADAKIS- ORLOFF LTD (on 11 Marni Street, Athens 10433, registered number 095738298, 2105226152 collects information on personal data from its Spa outlets as well as from its website, that are processed only under your agreement in full compliance with the new Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on Personal Data Protection (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR). 

The company PETROS KLADAKIS- ORLOFF LTD safely stores this information on personal data collected with your agreement, only for commercial, statistical, marketing and communication purposes, in order to improve its services and ensures  their confidential character and inaccessibility from unauthorized parties. 

The company PETROS KLADAKIS- ORLOFF LTD will not transfer your personal data to third parties or make them available in any case to commercial or professional collaborators unless your agreement is requested or due to the force of law. 

The company PETROS KLADAKIS- ORLOFF LTD stores your data for an indefinite period of  time in order to allow you to get information on promotional actions, offers and discounts, through newsletters and other advertising material. During this period of time you can exert your rights:

1/ to freely and at any time remove your consent which has been given or to object at any time for lawful reasons the processing of such personal information.
2/ to ask for access and receive details concerning the personal information we have on yourself, to inform and correct any inaccuracies or mistaken elements on your personal data, to ask that they are blocked or deleted or restrict their processing. 
3/ to ask and received all data concerning you in a useable and readable form or the transfer of such data to another responsible party for their  

The company PETROS KLADAKIS - ORLOFF LTD informs you that you can contact us at or at tel. no. +30 210 5226152 in case you wish to exercise the above mentioned rights, concerning your personal data which we keep and process with your consent. 

I have been informed on the policy of the company PETROS KLADAKIS - ORLOFF LTD regarding the collection and processing of Personal Data. 

Orloff Day Spa cares for you


•Antiseptic hand gel available on reception desk

•Our therapists wear one-use mask and face shield

•We respect a 30-minutes interval through bookings for treatments

•Only Hammam & Sauna, indoor pool is prohibited

•Individual bookings only, no spa party is authorized

•All one-use consumables : linen, slippers, bathrobe, underwear

•Credit card payment preferable

•High standards of cleansing and sanitizing for all spa areas