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World Renowned Spa Products

Orloff Spa represents some of the top spa brands in the world featuring premium spa products, natural skin care products and body care products that perfectly complement all massage treatments and therapies while offering complete skin rejuvenation for all skin types.


Antiaging & Cellular Regeneration

Valmont is a Swiss company specializing in cellular regeneration. Also known as "the magician of time",  Valmont specializes in anti-aging treatments that fight and reduce the signs of time with various active ingredients such as HP DNA RNA, peptides, hyaluronic acid and Swiss glacier water along with a combination of minerals and organic products from the Alpine Garden. 

Some of the most recognized Valmont products:

• Regeneration collagen mask for immediate biological lifting
• Prime Renewing Pack: Oxygenation mask for instant glow
• Premium Series-Elixir des Glaciers: high density in DNA and glacier water
• Hair Repair: Anti-aging hair care series, regeneration, sun protection and restoration.
• Prime Generation: Basic products with peptides + clusters
• Prime Anti-Wrinkle Complex: Anti-wrinkle protection
• Time Master-Anti-aging treatment


The beneficial properties of Thalassotherapy

Algoane is a thalassotherapy and wellness company from Brittany of France offering wellness, detoxification and slimming treatments without parabens and mineral oil using the beneficial properties of the ocean, the trace elements, the vitamins, the minerals and the fatty acids contained in algae and sea salt.

Cinq Mondes

Natural Spa Treatments Inspired by the Primeval Tradition

The award-winning Cinq Mondes was founded in 2001 due to the owner's love for the massage and the ancient beauty rituals of Asia, North Africa, Brazil and Polynesia. It is a cosmetics company that uses natural and organic ingredients, without petrochemicals, silicone or paraben following strictly the quality standards certified by Ecocert or Cosmebio. All therapies proposed by Cinq Mondes such as the Ayurveda body massage, the Balinese massage, the Ko-Bi-Do facial care and massage as well as the Taoist face care are inspired by primeval traditions and evoke a ritualistic sense while some of its most recognized products are:

•The five flowers cream, inspired by the Balinese tradition
•Eau Micellaire
•The Sublime products
•The Aromacology series combining the sciences of aromatherapy and Chromotherapy



Timeless, luxurious, it raises perfumery to the level of art. Originating from OMAN it has conquered the world with the best raw materials, the dainty, classy bottles of pure crystal, adorned with Swarovski stones and the gilded 18 k gold surfaces.

Etat Libre d'Orange

A Parisian Haute Perfumery, rebellious, provocative, with intense playfulness, a Haute Perfumery breaking the codes and olfactory taboos. Each perfume is created with no financial or moral constraints. Each fragrance unfolds many facets paving the way for an endless discovery.


Romantic fragrances, inspired by nature and the joy of life from Silvana Casoli, who carries on the Italian tradition of fine perfumery by selecting the best raw materials. This year with the “de prestige” sets and the exclusive “Murano” edition, IL PROFVMO pays tribute to the Venetian art of blowing glass.

Orloff Day Spa cares for you


•Antiseptic hand gel available on reception desk

•Our therapists wear one-use mask and face shield

•We respect a 30-minutes interval through bookings for treatments

•Only Hammam & Sauna, indoor pool is prohibited

•Individual bookings only, no spa party is authorized

•All one-use consumables : linen, slippers, bathrobe, underwear

•Credit card payment preferable

•High standards of cleansing and sanitizing for all spa areas