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Orloff Signature Day Spa Center in Athens

Since 2013, the Orloff Spa Experts company has undertaken the set-up and external management of two Signature Day Spas, the Life Gallery hotel spa in Ekali and the Theoxenia Palace hotel spa in Kifisia. Two meticulously designed spas offering specialized treatments and exceptional spa services for the ultimate rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

Rejuvenating Spa Holidays in Greece

Any spa hotel in Athens signed by Orloff provides exclusive spa offers and spa packages that focus on the attainment of wellness, relaxation and the complete restoration of designated areas of the body and face.

These pioneering spas in Athens offer unique wellness services, beauty tips and retail corners allowing visitors to purchase some of the finest world renowned skin care products including Valmont and Cinq Mondes. The highly trained staff of these day spas offer personalized treatments that suit the needs of each particular area while restoring the natural skin balance in the simplest and easiest way possible. Perfect for your spa holidays in Greece, the signature Orloff Day Spas ensure a wellness experience beyond comparison.

Spa Gift for the Best Spa in Greece

The two new day spas at Life Gallery in Ekali and Theoxenia in Kifisia offer the ideal wellness destination for the ultimate massage and spa in Athens, Greece. Guests are welcome to join a hammam and spa in Athens exceeding expectations or share the unique Orloff Spa experience with their loved ones by giving them a gift certificate to use on selected wellness products and spa services of their choice at the best spa in Greece. Select a spa gift for a rehydration therapy or a soothing massage in Athens, Greece and help your loved ones revive their senses and calm their body and mind.





Top Natural Cosmetics for Facial & Body Care 

Based in Athens, the Orolff Spa Experts Company, has been active in the wellness sector of the Greek market with top skin care products, natural body and face creams as well as natural cosmetics with essential oils for the care of the face and body since 1997 as a representative of world renowned cosmetic brands, such as:

VALMONT: Swiss company specializing in cellular regeneration 
CINQ MONDES: pioneer of the spas in France 
IL PROFVMO: Italian high quality perfumery 

Orloff Day Spa cares for you


•Antiseptic hand gel available on reception desk

•Our therapists wear one-use mask and face shield

•We respect a 30-minutes interval through bookings for treatments

•Only Hammam & Sauna, indoor pool is prohibited

•Individual bookings only, no spa party is authorized

•All one-use consumables : linen, slippers, bathrobe, underwear

•Credit card payment preferable

•High standards of cleansing and sanitizing for all spa areas